Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses in 2019- A Beginner’s Guide

You understand that good marketing ideas are everything you’ll need, but you believe promotion will be:

– Complicated

– Expensive

– Hard

– Specialist

– Scary

– Not for novices!

Worst of all you don’t have any idea where to begin. Continue reading for some free advertising and marketing ideas.

What is marketing?

– Marketing is how that you create value for your clients and build strong client relationships, so you could get value from the customers in return.

– You can have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody will cover you for this, you can’t succeed – so to drive up your earnings, you want great advertising ideas.

– Successful advertising will help those customers make a conscious decision to purchase from you. But how can I afford to market? – Marketing isn’t just about marketing. Creative marketing ideas do not need to be expensive. – The best marketing thoughts may be those which cost you .

1. Offer a discount for repeat purchases, or for presenting another client.

2. Establish a competition (with a prize from your own product or service range) and market it heavily on your site.

3. Ensure that your”give-aways” are unusual and memorable – not just a pen which will languish in a drawer, but something to create the customer smile every time they look at it – and see your company’s name.

4. Give a promise and stick to it “money back if you aren’t 100% satisfied”. You think in your product or service, which means you need to be ready to stand behind it. Not many people would try to claim unreasonably.

5. Provide free information on your industry and technical information about your own products – this ought to be easy for you to do but quite beneficial to your customers.

Why not get together with your key workers (or your own family or friends if you’re a one-man-band) and brainstorm some advertising ideas?

– Think about who you’re targeting (existing customers or new customers? what age range, what social category? Individuals, or other businesses? etc.)

– Consider how you will achieve them (what medium, what gimmick? point of sale or mail shot? etc.)

– Think about what you may offer them (what’s there which means a great deal to the client but can cost you as little as you can?)

As soon as you start thinking outside the typical boundaries of pure advertising, you’ll be amazed what great advertising ideas you can come up with!

To get clients, you must advertise your business. But if your business is operating on a shoestring, then you likely can not invest billboards, radio ads, and mass mailings. You want to locate powerful, low-cost advertising and marketing methods that provide ROI.

Marketing on a small budget is possible; you just need to be strategic about what you invest on. Test out these seven inexpensive marketing tips for small businesses.

Social Media

Just about everyone is about social media, so your business should be, too.

You can pay for advertisements on social networking. However , this can be expensive. You can also do some free small business social media marketing.

Encourage your clients to leave reviews in your profiles. Then, when potential clients encounter your profiles, they will observe the praises from different customers.

You can even post content that encourages people to buy from your business. You may post photos of new products, coupon codes, and online contests.


Every small business needs a website. And if people are looking for goods or services in your town, your web page should be one of the outcomes.

Thus, what makes a website effective? Your business information must be clear. People should be able to easily find your location, hours, and contact information. Your site should at least have basic information about your goods or services. You may also have customer testimonials and a blog.

Consider teaming up with other local businesses. You can promote each other’s businesses. For example, you might give your clients a coupon to the other business, and vice versa. Or, you can market each other to your email lists.

Look for complementary businesses. Evidently, you won’t want to associate with competitors. You may look for a business that sells a related product. By way of example, a sandwich store might partner with a ice cream store.

Vehicle Branding

In case you’ve got a company vehicle that you drive around, consider branding it along with your company logo and information. A complete paint job can be costly, so you may opt for magnets that stick to the sides. Or, you can buy window stickers to place on the side and back windows.

Sidewalk Signs

If your business is located on a main street where a lot of pedestrians go, consider placing a signal on the sidewalk outside your business. You might list a purchase or announce new stock. As people walk by, they will hopefully cease on your business to discover more.

Neighborhood Media

You might try getting your regional media to cover your business. You can accomplish this by sending out press releases and networking with local reporters.

Remember; reporters won’t cover promotional things, like sales. You are going to have to buy an advertising spot for all those. However if your business has something unique or newsworthy to discuss, you could find some free marketing.

Marketing To Existing Customers

You know these people will buy from you, so you just need to turn them into repeat customers.

When people buy from you, then ask whether you’re able to add them into your email list. Then, send them coupons, inventory updates, and information for your business. Send normal emails to keep your business in customers’ minds and to give them ample opportunities to buy from you.

You might even begin a client referral program. You would offer incentives for customers to introduce new clients to your business. For example, you may give referrers free products or services, or even a discount off their next purchase.

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